Securing the future of mobility

Addressing cyber risk in self-driving cars and beyond

By Greg Boehmer and Leon Nash

Climbing into a car has long been among the riskier things that people do—famously, the least safe part of an airplane trip is the drive to the airport.1 So it’s likely no surprise that self-driving cars’ safety is one of their most often cited benefits. Indeed, many expect the emerging mobility ecosystem,2 with increasing shared access to transportation as well as autonomous technology, to all but eradicate routine accidents.

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The future of additive manufacturing, now…

Posted by Preeta Banerjee

The future of additive manufacturing

Imagine a world where metal objects could be flawlessly printed on a machine, rather than cut, soldered, or molded. More interesting, imagine a world where objects embedded with electronics such as smart sensors could be printed into objects by machines that could mix different “inks” such as metals, plastics, and glass. These smart sensors could easily make learning opportunities in the physical environmenti as well as create opportunities for connected devicesii that assist us in our work and play. That future is not too far away as metal printing reaches into the future.
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