Securing the future of mobility

Addressing cyber risk in self-driving cars and beyond

By Greg Boehmer and Leon Nash

Climbing into a car has long been among the riskier things that people do—famously, the least safe part of an airplane trip is the drive to the airport.1 So it’s likely no surprise that self-driving cars’ safety is one of their most often cited benefits. Indeed, many expect the emerging mobility ecosystem,2 with increasing shared access to transportation as well as autonomous technology, to all but eradicate routine accidents.

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Cyber risk in advanced manufacturing: Be Secure.Vigilant.Resilient.™

By Trina Huelsman

I recently coauthored a Cyber risk in advanced manufacturing1 study with the Manufacturers Association for Innovation and Productivity (MAPI) and my colleagues Sean Peasley, Partner, Cyber Risk leader for Consumer and Industrial Products, and Ryan Robinson, Director, Industrial Products and Services Research Leader, Deloitte’s Center for Industry Insights. We collaborated with MAPI and Forbes Insights to study the current state of cyber risk in advanced manufacturing, anticipate emerging risks associated with new technologies, and identify leading practices manufacturers can adopt to face these risks head-on and become more secure, vigilant and resilient. To inform the insights we conducted 35 live interviews, held an innovation lab, and in collaboration with Forbes Insights, collected 225 survey responses.

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