Cyber risk in advanced manufacturing: Be Secure.Vigilant.Resilient.™

By Trina Huelsman

I recently coauthored a Cyber risk in advanced manufacturing1 study with the Manufacturers Association for Innovation and Productivity (MAPI) and my colleagues Sean Peasley, Partner, Cyber Risk leader for Consumer and Industrial Products, and Ryan Robinson, Director, Industrial Products and Services Research Leader, Deloitte’s Center for Industry Insights. We collaborated with MAPI and Forbes Insights to study the current state of cyber risk in advanced manufacturing, anticipate emerging risks associated with new technologies, and identify leading practices manufacturers can adopt to face these risks head-on and become more secure, vigilant and resilient. To inform the insights we conducted 35 live interviews, held an innovation lab, and in collaboration with Forbes Insights, collected 225 survey responses.

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2016: A year of advancing Internet of things (IoT) applications

By Hemnabh Varia and Monika Mahto

It’s been 15 years since the term “Internet of things” was coined by Kevin Ashton, a technologist specializing in sensors and RFID.1 Since then, various applications of IoT have evolved in industries such as automotive, healthcare and consumer goods, among others. The various technological developments in the IoT space can be explained through the information value loop (IVL), which serves as a linchpin for evaluating these advancements, and linking them in order to create value for companies as well as customers. Refer to the paper, “The more things change: Value creation, value capture, and the Internet of Things” for detailed discussion of the value loop.

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The future of mobility: Where we’ve come from

By Scott Corwin

A year ago, we posited that the extended global automotive industry was undergoing an unprecedented transformation into a new mobility ecosystem.1 Since then, the pace of change has been, in our view, breathtaking. Through hundreds of conversations with corporate executives, government leaders, technologists, and academics around the globe, we have gained a front-row seat to how the future of mobility is evolving. In particular, we have witnessed:

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Do you sense what your smartphone sensors are saying?

By Deepan Kumar Pathy and Preeta Banerjee 

Are you aware of the number of times you use the sensors embedded in your smartphone without even knowing it? Be it to tilt your smartphone to view an image in the landscape position, or to automatically deactivate the touchscreen while on a call, the sensors in your smartphone are always in action. These examples are barely the tip of the iceberg. Sensors have been a part of smartphone design since their inception. The current generation of smartphones are embedded with as many as 16 sensors, and each sensor is always active, receiving and sending signals, for use by apps or directly by users.

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If you build it, will they come? How events like MFG Day could be the key to overcoming the talent crisis in manufacturing

No imageBy Ben Dollar

With the majority of 2016 Manufacturing Day events kicking off October 7th, companies are reflecting on talent strategies that could potentially revitalize and protect the future of manufacturing. And, taking part in this growing initiative can help manufacturers in their pursuit to overcome talent challenges. Want to understand how being a part of Manufacturing Day can really help change perceptions? Host or attend a MFG Day event and be sure to invite your participants to take part in a post-event survey, created by the Manufacturing Day producers and Deloitte, to see the impact you and the industry are having on changing perceptions. You can also access tools to promote participation by using the host toolkit.

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Four things robots can do for your distribution center

By Brenna Sniderman

As we think about advanced, smart technologies, the thing that comes to mind is: robots. Well, maybe just for me. But I think of smart robots that can learn from their surroundings, adjust and figure things out on their own. Robots that can learn from each other, move objects, and work relatively more safely alongside humans, each augmenting the other.

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