3D Thanksgiving: celebrating the additive manufacturing way

3D Thanksgiving
Posted by Brenna Sniderman and Kelly Monahan

When it comes to food, Thanksgiving is perhaps the most anticipated holiday of the year. Americans are anticipated to spend $2.4 billion dollars on the feast alone.1 That’s a lot of money on turkeys, potatoes, cranberries, and pies.

As intricate and time-consuming as the holiday meal cooking frenzy seems, imagine trying to prepare the feast today without using the microwave–or, better yet, trying to reheat leftovers the next day. It is hard to believe that such a staple part of the kitchen has been around for less than 50 years.2 Fifty years from now, will cooks marvel on how they ever conjured a Thanksgiving meal prior to 3d food printers? How soon will we be able to print our dinners?
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