Securing the future of mobility

Addressing cyber risk in self-driving cars and beyond

By Greg Boehmer and Leon Nash

Climbing into a car has long been among the riskier things that people do—famously, the least safe part of an airplane trip is the drive to the airport.1 So it’s likely no surprise that self-driving cars’ safety is one of their most often cited benefits. Indeed, many expect the emerging mobility ecosystem,2 with increasing shared access to transportation as well as autonomous technology, to all but eradicate routine accidents.

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The future of mobility: Where we’ve come from

By Scott Corwin

A year ago, we posited that the extended global automotive industry was undergoing an unprecedented transformation into a new mobility ecosystem.1 Since then, the pace of change has been, in our view, breathtaking. Through hundreds of conversations with corporate executives, government leaders, technologists, and academics around the globe, we have gained a front-row seat to how the future of mobility is evolving. In particular, we have witnessed:

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Do you sense what your smartphone sensors are saying?

By Deepan Kumar Pathy and Preeta Banerjee 

Are you aware of the number of times you use the sensors embedded in your smartphone without even knowing it? Be it to tilt your smartphone to view an image in the landscape position, or to automatically deactivate the touchscreen while on a call, the sensors in your smartphone are always in action. These examples are barely the tip of the iceberg. Sensors have been a part of smartphone design since their inception. The current generation of smartphones are embedded with as many as 16 sensors, and each sensor is always active, receiving and sending signals, for use by apps or directly by users.

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The future of auto retailing: preparing for the evolving mobility ecosystem

Posted by Andrew DinsdalePhilipp Willigmann, Scott Corwin, and Jeff Glueck

Remember the last time you bought a car?

Hardly anyone finds today’s automotive retail experience—researching, contacting the dealership, test driving, financing, and closing the deal—efficient and satisfying.1

Indeed, just 17 out of more than 4,000 car shoppers in a recent survey said that they were happy with the status quo car-buying process.2 That’s 17 people, not 17 percent.

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Where’s the Money? The Future of the Mobility Ecosystem

Posted by John Hagel III

I just returned from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas and it was striking how much the automobile has become a center of attention at this gathering. It was timely because I just published a new report on the future of mobilityNavigating a shifting landscape—and I had an opportunity to present my perspectives at CES.

My key message was that we need to avoid getting distracted. It’s easy to get consumed by the amazing technology reshaping the mobility ecosystem. But from a business perspective, the key question remains: Where’s the money?
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Getting business on board with additive manufacturing

Posted by Monika Mahto

Monika Mahto
As additive manufacturing nears everyday use, business managers must get onboard with the technology basics and underlying benefits

I’m headed to Bangalore for an annual tech conference. Over the years I’ve come to know a lot of other regular attendees, and we have debated and discussed many technologies as they move from the theoretical to the applied state. The evolution, development, and application of Additive Manufacturing (AM) has been one of our favorite topics–and just look at how far that technology has come. We are fast approaching using 3D printing in our everyday lives. It’s possible there may even be 3D printed parts on the large commercial aircraft I am about to board!
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Additive Technology moves into the fast lane

Posted by Brenna Sniderman
3D Thanksgiving

You know how it goes at auto shows: concept cars, cool new designs. Cars are brought into a vast convention space filled with auto lovers and journalists eager to get a glimpse of up-and-coming new technologies that will herald the next evolution in automobiles. But at 2015 Detroit auto show, Phoenix-based Local Motors showed up without a car…and instead “printed” one: the Strati, the world’s first 3D-printed car.i

True, mainstream automakers are not 3d printing entire cars at this point, or even many end-use parts. But it’s getting there, and I would argue that additive manufacturing currently plays a pretty crucial role in most auto manufacturers’ processes already, even if 3d printed parts themselves aren’t yet showing up in the finished products. Indeed, automotive companies are already voracious users of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies: Automotive constitutes one of the largest areas of AM system sales, narrowly trailing industrial parts and consumer products.ii
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