Into the future: unlocking insights in advanced manufacturing to transform today’s operations

unlocking insights in advanced manufacturing to transform today’s operations
Posted by Mark Cotteleer

I can’t help but think the future of manufacturing is already here. The robots, artificial intelligence and 3D printers found only in the science fiction movies and books of my childhood are now, or at least increasingly, a reality. Not only that, it also looks like they are becoming a differentiating factor for those manufacturing companies that will take the lead. As waves of change from multiple technologies continue to impact manufacturing processes and supply chains, manufacturers must decide which of these technologies to invest in and where to deploy them in order to drive the most benefit for their organizations.

My Deloitte colleagues and I have been working with leading manufacturing companies as they assess cross-industry impact of the Internet of Things, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, analytics and mobility within the manufacturing sector. You can find our in-depth insights and research on these technologies on Deloitte University Press.

With this end in mind, we hope to use this blog to more rapidly disseminate thought-provoking perspectives from a variety of vantage points. We will be inviting thought leaders from across industries, sectors and organizational levels to contribute their knowledge within this space. While many of our insights will be delivered here in short-form blog posts, when appropriate we will illustrate our commentary with longer form content, video, podcasts and even with courses that we offer.

The editorial team here hopes that you find the articles to be both interesting and helpful. We would love to hear your experiences with new technology deployments within your organization. Come, join the conversation and help us lead the way into the future of manufacturing.

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